[aur-general] Remove `emacs-ocaml-mode`

Sergei Lebedev superbobry at gmail.com
Sat Oct 8 16:05:18 EDT 2011

While `emacs-ocaml-mode` [*] is part of the OCaml distribution it's not
included in the `ocaml` package (for reasons unknown) and can only be
installed from AUR. So, why remove?

* orphaned package; unsupported for more than a year
* can be installed from Marmalade repository via `package.el` [1]
* can be installed via `el-get` [2]
* everybody's using `tuareg-mode` [3] anyway :)

So, what do you guys think?


[*] https://aur.archlinux.org/packages.php?ID=11629
[1] http://marmalade-repo.org/packages/caml
[2] https://github.com/dimitri/el-get/blob/master/recipes/caml-mode.rcp
[3] https://forge.ocamlcore.org/projects/tuareg/

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