[aur-general] Orphan Request: eclipse-dltk-* packages maintained by emphire

Shanto shanto at hotmail.com
Mon Oct 24 11:24:38 EDT 2011


All eclipse-dltk-* packages are out of date since August/September. 
While I have flagged rest of them just yesterday, eclipse-dltk-python 
was flagged since 2nd October, 2011. These out-of-date packages, in 
addition to some comments posted, make it apparent that emphire is no 
more interested or too busy to maintain these packages any more (no 

As I already maintain eclipse-platform and some related stuff, I am 
willing to adopt these packages if orphaned.

In addition, I am thinking if bundling these packages under a single 
package (eclipse-dltk or eclipse-dltk-bundle) makes better sense. (see 
the all-in-one bundle and integration components in dltk download page) 
Knowledgeable/experienced Eclipse users and maintainers, please suggest.


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