[aur-general] TU Resignation

Brad Fanella bradfanella at archlinux.us
Tue Oct 25 00:47:20 EDT 2011

*sigh* I dreaded having to write this message. If anyone has noticed, I've
been inactive in the Arch community for at least two or three weeks now, and
my TU duties haven't been fulfilled in at least as long, if not more.

With the start of the academic year, I was hopeful for enough spare time to
continue what I enjoy (TU-ing, hobbies, both computer and non-computer
related) ~ looks like I was sorely mistaken. Operating on the minimum amount
of sleep that a human can survive on is not enjoyable, in case you were

All laziness and time-lacking aside, both of my production machines have
been fried due to power surges (which components, I yet don't know), and are
now reduced to nothing more than fancy metal boxes. This leaves me with an
old Thinkpad, but that's not even running Arch at the moment (/heresy), and
it's a P4, so trying to manage multicore packages from there would be a
no-go. It's just a very frustrating time, and I don't feel that I'm capable
of being an active package maintainer considering the circumstances.
Hopefully I can reapply sometime in the future if things fall back into

My packages are, as far as I know, *mostly* up-to-date, although a month's
absence can create a bit of mayhem. I will try my best to contribute and
close out any open bug reports that I may be assigned to, but I can't make
any definite promises.

It's been a nice run guys, I hope to see you 'round.


p.s. there were some personal issues as well, but I don't really feel the
need to get into those here ~ we can let Xyne speculate with one of his
riveting stories

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