[aur-general] TU Resignation

Brad Fanella bradfanella at archlinux.us
Tue Oct 25 16:35:32 EDT 2011

Thank you all for your kind/encouraging words :) I guess I should have
mentioned this before: good luck to all of *you*! The job is certainly not
an easy one, and this has made me more appreciative of the work that is done
around here, and the open source community in general.

On Tue, Oct 25, 2011 at 9:53 AM, Eric Waller <ewwaller at gmail.com> wrote:

> Brad,
> You are an amazing young man.  I figured you must be burning your candle at
> both ends and the middle.  Take care of school, slow down and enjoy the
> finer things in life.  You will go far and are always welcome here.
> Eric W

I liked your message in particular, thanks for that. I've definitely been
kept busy lately, so I can only imagine what college will bring me a little
bit down the line.

~ Brad

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