[aur-general] Replacing nexuiz with xonotic

Xyne xyne at archlinux.ca
Wed Oct 26 12:13:14 EDT 2011

Sven-Hendrik Haase wrote:

> I'd like to see nexuiz replaced by xonotic in [community]. Problem is
> that nexuiz is still a fairly popular package despite being dead
> upstream. xonotic devs recommend dropping nexuiz in favor of xonotic.
> Technically, xonotic does not replace nexuiz because its gameplay is
> somewhat different.
> I'd like some opinions on this.

Quick history:
Xonotic was forked from Nexuiz due to political reasons. It was originally
meant to be nothing more than a name-change, but the transition brought in new
influences and many (imo) substantial changes have been made to the game, so it
is no longer "just the next version of Nexuiz". Many consider the two different
games now.

As it stands, the well-known Nexuiz servers are still very active. From what
I've seen and heard, the Xonotic servers are much less active, and many players
there are allegedly on non-public pickup servers. Of course, the continued
presence of Nexuiz in most distro repositories contributes to this.

I suggest keeping both Nexuiz and Xonotic until the main Nexuiz servers switch
over to Xonotic, which they are supposed to with one of the upcoming major
releases of Xonotic.

As for the size, most of it comes from the game data archive in the package.
The only compiled code are the client and server binaries, which are small and
compile quickly. The ideal way to distribute such packages would be through a
"trusted AUR". Then again, compressing a huge (already compressed) file into a
package takes a long time, so it offsets the short compile time.

Of course, the ideal would be for "makepkg -i" to just skip the redundant

Gah, so many coding idea, yet no time... *sigh*



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