[aur-general] TU application

Jonathan Steel jsteel at vorx.com
Thu Oct 27 17:44:32 EDT 2011


I'm interested in becoming a TU. I've been using Arch for nearly 4 years
(Linux for 7) and recently started getting involved maintaining packages in
the AUR. I would love to see some of these in community, help more in the
AUR, extend my Arch knowledge and get to know other Arch users. I would be
interested in helping out wherever I can; I already spend a good hour every
day or two messing around with my Arch setups so instead of tweaking
not-so-necessary things I can do something more helpful. I would enjoy the
learning curve and experience and I'm quick to pick things up.

A little info about me: 26, male, UK, IT manager, Christian, husband/father,
retro gamer, sense of humour, perfectionist.

Many thanks,


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