[aur-general] Flashplugin Duplicates

Anish Bhatt anish at archlinux.us
Wed Sep 7 14:06:04 EDT 2011

Sadly they weren't merged in this case :(
Infact, I didn't even know there was support for such a thing. While I would
have loved merged votes & comments, I'm more concerned about the users left
in the dark. Would implementing a "replaces" functionality for aur similar
to the repos be a big hassle ? Perhaps a dummy package¸ say "delete-package"
that automatically replaces every package that is actually deleted instead
of being replaced ?

On Wed, Sep 7, 2011 at 5:37 AM, Lukas Fleischer <archlinux at cryptocrack.de>wrote:

> On Tue, Sep 06, 2011 at 08:01:31PM -0700, Anish Bhatt wrote:
> > Can I request that some sort of system be put in place for informing
> > maintainers that their package is being deleted ? I was afk for a week or
> so
> > and I come back to a deleted package. While that was the eventual idea, I
> > had a close to a thousand votes for flashplugin-prerelease, and now that
> > package is gone with no way of informing the users that the package is
> > deleted. Most aur helpers I've seen do not inform users about deleted
> > packages.
> I usually drop a comment before removing a package, so that at least all
> users on the notification list get informed. In case of doubt, you can
> almost always check aur-general.
> I would always say that comments and votes should probably have been
> merged in this case...

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