[aur-general] Head over Heels (hoh 1.01-5) download problems

SanskritFritz sanskritfritz at gmail.com
Fri Sep 23 04:54:23 EDT 2011

I took over the maintenance of hoh.
The problem is that makepkg uses wget to download the sources, but wget gets
disabled upstream via .htaccess. I contacted the author, he said, he has no
sufficient permissions to change this on the webserver where the files are
The previous AUR maintainer of hoh solved this issue simply by hosting the
file on his site (which is allowed, settled through email with the author).
Spoofing the user-agent in with 'wget --user-agent' or using curl works ok.
My question is, what is the recommended way now. Should I host the file
somewhere, or should I modify the PKGBUILD so that it downloads and unpacks
the source manually, or is there another way I overlooked?

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