[aur-general] Request for Package Removal

Daniel Campbell dlcampbell at gmx.com
Sun Apr 8 20:40:04 EDT 2012

I uploaded a package that has the source included. The wiki mentioned binaries but nothing about languages like bash or Python that don't need to be compiled.

Anyway, since I don't have a place to host it and fix the PKGBUILD, it needs to be removed so the AUR's not marred, I suppose. The package is named 'dupekill'. I uploaded it and am the current maintainer (xelados on the AUR). If you need further proof, my Github page is at https://github.com/sporkbox and should have this e-mail address as the contact address in the profile.

Sorry to add to the workload. If the software supported it I wouldn't have had to bother anyone. Thanks.

You guys should really give an option for people who upload packages to delete them through the same interface if, like me, they realize they screwed up. I had to subscribe to this list before I could send an e-mail to ask for someone to do something that should be possible without human involvement...

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