[aur-general] Automated Package Removal

Daniel Campbell dlcampbell at gmx.com
Mon Apr 9 14:16:48 EDT 2012

Yes, it's annoying (and inefficient and illogical) to require someone to sign up to another service to ask for something to be done on the service they're having issue with. Departmentalizing things is a sign of bureaucracy. Most people dislike it in government, hospitals, business, and other institutions; why on Earth would we voluntarily do it in FOSS? Especially when the majority of problems (e.g. Deleting packages) can be solved by a machine.

Politics aside, I agree that a grace period would be good. But perhaps a little longer than a single day? Maybe 3-7 days, to account for real life getting in the way.

Another thing came to me as I was thinking about this issue. People that adopt an orphan package are able to upload a new src tarball, right? If so, then perhaps all that needs to be done is expanding the table to indicate which user created the package (first uploaded it) and give them permission to delete for the given grace period. I assume the required  'infrastructure' such as upload timestamps, user permissions, etc are in place already. Just an idea.

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> It would also contribute less clutter to the mailing list and less hassle for people that make innocuous mistakes like mine. Bureaucracy cripples everything.

Is it really "crippling" to send an email to this list to request deletion?

Regardless, I'm not against allowing submitters to delete their own packages,
but there should probably be some time limit to prevent abuse, e.g. within 24
hours of submission.

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