[aur-general] Merge requests for compiz-*git to compiz-*-bzr

Hugo Osvaldo Barrera hugo at osvaldobarrera.com.ar
Sun Apr 15 16:47:06 EDT 2012

On 2012-04-15 09:22, jordan wrote:
>> It looks like the links on their official site point to git
>> --Ike
> Hugo is correct when he says Compiz no longer uses GIT, Ike.
> The Compiz website should really be updated and there hasn't been any
> commits to GIT in months. All development has shifted to Launchpad
> using ~bazaar (for Compiz 0.9+) ... Sam (one of the main compiz-devs)
> tried to have both bzr branches, while pushing changes back to GIT
> (master branch) - but in the end it made the code and changes harder
> to manage. They decided to dump GIT, being as many of the projects
> using Compiz (like Unity) live on launchpad/bzr anyway.
> Compiz 0.8.8 probably still lives in GIT. But i believe those
> Compiz-git packages build 0.9+ series, so they probably should be
> ditched in favor of the compiz-bzr packages.
> take care
> jordan

Yes, they are the 0.9x branch, and, as you said, the website is
seriously outdated.  GIT is no longer used, and launchpad contains the
latest relevant information, not compiz.org (though I agree this is not
at all obvious to anyone not following compiz).

Hugo Osvaldo Barrera

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