[aur-general] disown request: zoneminder

Ike Devolder ike.devolder at gmail.com
Thu Aug 2 16:53:37 EDT 2012

Op woensdag 1 augustus 2012 18:44:58 schreef Vojtech Aschenbrenner:
> Excerpts from Ike Devolder's message of 2012-08-01 17:45:19 +0200:
> > My general perception is in general buhrietoe is responsive in the
> > comments so maybe he/she is on holiday. my opinion is to give it a
> > little bit more time since we are in the holiday season.
> Okay, let's wait a few days/week. Please, send an email to this list
> when something changes.
> Regards,
> Vojtech.

So there is the answer.
buhrietoe has a very busy time now and will update soon when things settle 

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