[aur-general] TVMobili PKGBUILD

Jacob Block jacob.block at gmail.com
Sat Aug 4 19:34:20 EDT 2012

Hey everyone,

Brand new here. I'm switching to Arch Linux as my primary OS. I use
TVMobili<http://www.tvmobili.com/> for
all my DLNA streaming needs and was surprised it wasn't in the AUR. So,
here is my first PKGBUILD. I think I hit the appropriate standards, but
please let me know if I missed anything. namcap doesn't through any errors
and the PKGBUILD works from scratch on my pc. It requires 32 bit libs. I
was hoping to get it reviewed and added to the AUR. I'm interested in
maintaining it as well. The only thing I wouldn't mind getting working is
having the program work under a user instead of having to SUDO it.

A couple of additional questions I didn't really find answers to. Is there
any process of automatically updating PKGBUILDs? Do I just keep tabs on
tvmobili updates and update the version number, link, and md5sum, test it,
then post it back to the AUR?


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