[aur-general] Remove dunst-light-git from AUR

Jente Hidskes jthidskes at outlook.com
Tue Aug 14 08:03:30 EDT 2012

Recently, I have uploaded a package (named dunst-light-git) to the AUR. Only afterwards I found out from the developer of Dunst (Knopwob) that the light version isn't maintained anymore and that soon, he is going to delete the relevant branch from his GitHub. He recommended me and other users to use the normal version instead. 
Because of this, I ask you to remove that package from AUR: it's no longer maintained and soon, the files will be removed from Github and the PKGBUILD is just useless. 
I had searched Google on how to remove an AUR package and came across two topics on the Arch boards that said I had to notify the maintainers on this mailing list. If this is not the correct way anymore, then please regard this email as not send. I do hope though that  I am doing this in the correct way and that you will remove my package from the AUR. 
Thanks in advance,

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