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Thu Dec 6 13:34:28 EST 2012

Hello! This is my application to be a Trusted User.

My name is Daniel Micay, and I am a 20 year old living in Toronto. Dave Reisner
(falconindy) is my sponsor. My username on the wiki, github and the forums is
thestinger, and I go by either thestinger or strcat on IRC.

I started using Linux in 2008/2009 and Arch was the first distribution I liked
enough to install outside of a VM. I quickly fell in love with the elegance of
vanilla, up-to-date packages and eventually moved away from a more traditional
desktop environment to awesome and then i3. Linux was my gateway into
programming, as I picked up shell scripting and that eventually led to learning
Python. At the moment I mostly use C++ and Python, but I have an interest in
Haskell and more recently Rust.

I began contributing back to the community in 2010 by putting my efforts into
improving the wiki, and in September of 2011 I joined the ArchWiki
administration team. At some point I became quite active on the #archlinux
channel, and I do my best to disseminate tidbits of knowledge that I've picked
up there.

The following are packages that I use and would like to maintain in

* rust
* libgit2
* uwsgi and the official plugins (split package)
* faenza-icon-theme
* intel-gpu-tools
* ohcount
* namebench
* transmission-remote-cli
* sparsehash
* ttf-symbola

* python-libgit2 and python2-libgit2 (split package)
* python-scrypt and python2-scrypt (split package)
* python-bottle and python2-bottle (split package)
* httpie (not a library, so just python3)

* libxkbcommon
* kmscon (the tagged release, only -git is in the AUR)

* ncrack
* reaver

* vim-indent-object
* vim-fugitive
* vim-systemd
* zenburn and solarized vim colorschemes

... and in the future:

* various rust libraries
* libc++ (currently no stable release)
* libc++abi (linux support is a work-in-progress)
* vim-clang-complete (it needs a new stable release)

All of these are under free licenses, and most currently meet the 10 vote
threshold (some would have to wait a bit).

I would also like to look into having the Android SDK in [community], but the
number of licenses it uses is really a mess and I doubt Google's pre-built
version can (or should) be redistributed as-is.

Thanks for considering my application! :)
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