[aur-general] Package deletion request

Robert Knauer robert at privatdemail.net
Fri Dec 28 09:56:12 EST 2012

On 28.12.2012 15:45, LordAro wrote:
> On 28 December 2012 14:35, Robert Knauer <robert at privatdemail.net> wrote:
>> On 28.12.2012 15:28, Charles Pigott wrote:
>>> Ha, got it wrong :L
>>> Several problems with that:
>>> - http://www.transporttycoon.net/where does not contain anywhere you
>>> can download the files
>>> - What do you mean "no unfree files in the source package" ? ALL those
>>> files are unfree and are only available (legally) from the TTD CD
>> Okay, download was the wrong word... On the page linked in the PKGBUILD
>> are links for buying TTD to get the files.
>> And if you look into the package tarball[1], you can see that there are
>> no unfree files, only the PKGBUILD.
>> The purpose of the package is that you download the PKGBUILD, buy TTD,
>> copy the files from TTD into the directory with the PKGBUILD, run
>> makepkg and install the package you got. There's nothing illegal about
>> it and in my opinion no reason to delete the package from AUR.
>> Regards,
>> Robert
>> [1]
>> https://aur.archlinux.org/packages/op/openttd-ttdwin/openttd-ttdwin.tar.gz
> Ah, sorry, i'm new to these things.
> In that case is there any point in having the package at all if it
> just contains the PKGBUILD file?
> Installation instructions are clearly documented on OpenTTDs wiki..
> http://wiki.openttd.org/Installation#Choosing_TTD_for_base_graphics
> (I know they are put in different folders, but they do the same thing...)

Well, all PKGBUILDs are only a kind of installation instructions,
readable for machines. Normally, there are URLs to the sources in the
PKGBUILD and they get automatically downloaded when you run makepkg.
The problem here is that the files aren't (legally) available in the
internet, so makepkg can't get these files.
It is not really a fancy solution, but there is no alternative and there
is a note in the PKGBUILD that you need to get the files from TTD before
creating the package, so normally there should be no problem, because
(in my opinion) everybody should take a look at the PKGBUILD before
installing a package.


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