[aur-general] for queueRAM -- about perForce software issues

goodmenzy at gmail.com goodmenzy at gmail.com
Wed Feb 15 21:24:19 EST 2012

Hi, queueRAM,

    I found the p4/p4v packages in AUR were maintained by you.
Here is something about them:

    (1) due to perforce.com do not provide version info in the download filename, 
    	the download file will alwayse failed to pass md5 checksum tesing whenever
	the company rebuild the software.

        Is there any way to ignore the md5sum?

        And the same silly solution of perforce caused that one can not download i686/x86_64
	version on the same machine. 
	Is there any method to rename the downloaded filename in the PKGBUILD script?
	does our makepkg tool support that feature?

   (2)  If you are kind enough, will you please to integreated the pdf docs about that software
   	into the pkg ?

Thanks for your kindness for the maintances.


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