[aur-general] [community] Up for adoption: cairo-compmgr, gadmin-samba

Florian Pritz bluewind at xinu.at
Wed Feb 22 11:59:16 EST 2012

Dropped both to AUR.

On 18.02.2012 00:59, Cédric Girard wrote:
> Le 17 févr. 2012 20:51, "Florian Pritz" a écrit :
>> - cairo-compmgr: upstream is pretty dead (hardly any commits in git nor
>> recent releases) and it doesn't build right now because -ldl is missing
>> from $(LIBS).
> If dropped to AUR, I may adopt it. I maintain the git version and it is
> quite straightforward to maintain. The missing libdl linking can be fixed
> easily as well.

If cairo-compmgr ever releases another working version, please use that
instead of pulling git checkouts (I just did that because it stopped
building and upstream applied a lot of patches to fix that)

Florian Pritz

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