[aur-general] Can wine-rawinput be orphaned so I may update/maintain it?

xyem at electricjungle.org xyem at electricjungle.org
Tue Jul 10 09:21:42 EDT 2012

> did you contact the maintainer by email ?
> else please do and contact us back if there was no response for two 
> weeks or
> sooner if you get a response.
> thx
> --Ike

As I mentioned in the first post, I attempted to contact the maintainer 
on 2012-07-01 and have not received a response, nor can I find any other 
activity by them this year.

I know this request is a little early than the suggested 2 weeks. I'll 
make the request again later on in the week if this is still regarded as 
too early, despite the additional research.

Thanks for your time,

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