[aur-general] Orphan Request: xen

Luceo Astrum luceoastrum at gmail.com
Fri Jul 20 18:38:45 EDT 2012


I'd like to request that xen be orphaned so that I can adopt it:


I've contacted the maintainer (revellion) by e-mail yesterday (I know
nowhere near the two weeks but believe the rest of this post is relevant).

Since the last update in 2011, there have been three serious Xen Security
Advisories with patches:


The maintainer has not upgraded the package to support these patches. He
also hasn't changed the dependency for 'xz-utils' to 'xz'.

The package was marked out of date.

Finally, he has not responded on the AUR comments, including two addressed
directly to him by 'aaronfitz' and 'fatmike' in January and March

All of the above leads me to believe that he's no longer active.

I will update this thread after 2 weeks if he hasn't responded, unless a TU
takes the decision that my research is enough to show that the user is not

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