[aur-general] Idea for AUR improvement

Christian Stadegaart e-mail at bewust-leven.nl
Fri Jun 1 19:23:46 EDT 2012

Zaterdag 2 Juni 2012 om 01:04 (CEST +0200) schreef Heiko Baums:

> Am I not allowed to answer, particularly if I think the idea is
> pointless? And, no, it is not an abrasive tone. Those are just facts.
> And I had the impression that Marcin didn't think about the reasons why
> a package is usually (in most cases) orphaned.
> It's peculiar that people get personally if they don't share an opinion.

You were not sharing an opinion, you were sharing facts, right? I advise 
you to be careful with the words you choose.

Your facts are based on *your* view and interpretation on the whole and 
prevent this subject to be discussed any further by stating it's a 
pointless idea just because the facts (read: the information you found 
and interpreted as facts) are saying so.

That is pointless in my opinion.

I think Marcin's idea is not that bad. I wouldn't suggest it to be the 
way he writes, but some automation might be welcome. I don't have enough 
knowledge to come with another idea though.

Good luck Marcin!

Christian Stadegaart

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