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Daniel Wallace daniel.wallace at gatech.edu
Mon Jun 11 17:41:14 EDT 2012

On Mon, Jun 11, 2012 at 02:05:45PM -0700, José Quintana wrote:
> Hi
> I ask as a user one question. Do you think you are ready?
> I ask this because I see you do not participate in the community much. I see you only joined the forum 2 months ago and only have 4 posts. You also sent very little to the mailing list. You only have 4 submitted packages with more than 5 votes. The majority of your aur packages are Git editions. You said yourself you have no packages that need to be in community.
> What have you done to show you should be trusted user? You say you want to be trusted user to give back? Why not wait a bit longer and prove what you can give to the community? It seems you want to be trusted user and then give back. It should always be the other way around. Those who give to community become trusted user.
> I'm not trying to be mean, but as a user who becomes a trusted user effects me. The decision by other trusted users  decides that I must trust you as well. I ask other trusted users to think about whether it may be a little to soon, but I think it may be.
> Sorry for my english.

I do think I am ready.  I spend much more of my time in irc than I do
on the forums or using the mailing list.  It is just my prefered method
of participating.  

according to the wiki, these are the minimum requirements for being a TU
    know basic shell scripting
    maintain a few packages in AUR with clean, high-quality PKGBUILDs
    basic community involvement (mailing list, forums, IRC)
    know Google-Fu
    a general idea of the kind of packages you want to maintain (basically, why do you want to become TU?) 

I know plenty of bash and zsh.  I maintain 35 pkgbuilds in the AUR (
some of which could use being cleaned up a little more).  I am very
active in irc, while being much less on the mailing list/forums.  My
google-fu is excellent.  And I would like to maintain any package that
would further the grasp of Archlinux and its goal of world
dominations... and ponies.

more from the wiki

Even though you could become a TU by merely fulfilling those minimum requirements, the people judging you during voting might expect more of you. Such as:
    involvement in the bug tracker (reporting, research, info)
    patches for Arch projects
    involvement in a few open-source projects (even if they are your own) 

I am involved the with bugtracker as much as I know how, including
lurking in #archlinux-bugs and watching arch-bugbot for when Opened
bugs are posted.  I have provided a few patches to pacman-dev, 2 of
which were accepted.  And I am moderatly involved in a couple of small
side projects (mostly zurl [2] where I am trying to make a launcher for
urls which opens pastebins in a text editor and other things in more
user specified ways instead of the browser, right now it is still a
hack abusing zsh replacement to open pastebins in vim, pictures in feh,
and gifs/youtube videos in mplayer)

but to summarize, I do feel that I am ready, I have spent a lot of time
over the past 3 months since I really decided that I wanted to apply to
be a TU, helping people in #archlinux and trying to learn as much bash
and several other languages as I could.  Currently, I am fairly verbose
in java and python.  I am about halfway through Learn you a Haskell,
and have more recently started on Learn C the Hard Way. oh, and I know
plenty of bash.
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