[aur-general] reinstalling properly an AUR app

Marcin 'sirmacik' Karpezo marcin at karpezo.pl
Wed Jun 13 13:02:18 EDT 2012

Arno Gaboury dixit (2012-06-13, 18:51):

> Hello,


> I am trying to reinstall an AUR app, Texstudio. This app was working 
> perfectly before I did yesterday a huge upgrade.
> I understand I must rebuilt the app with the new libpoppler-qt. I built 
> it fine with "makepkg -i", but can't install as I get errors about files 
> already in my filesystem (in fact all Texstudio files).
> When I installed first time Texstudio, I built it from source and I did 
> not a clean install, as pacman -Q doesn't return the app in the list.
> How can I deal with this issue? Is there any way to force the install ? 
> Should I uninstall first Texstudio, and how? Can I just deleted all 
> existing files (mainly /usr/bin/texstudio, usr/share/texstudio directory 
> and /usr/share/applications/texstudio.desktop)? I tried by renaming them 
> to .bck, but there is still a problem with the desktop file.
> TY for any help.

There are few way to go. The following seems to be the easiest for me:

Just build your package with makepkg (which seems to be done already if
makepkg tells you that files are already in your system). You should be
able to find it in directory you were building it (unless you set it
differently via /etc/makepkg.conf). 

Than just use pacman to install package and force it to replace files
that are already in the system by adding the following options:


And than full name and position of your package. You can find their
descriptions in pacman manual[1].

Hope this helps. 

[1] - http://www.archlinux.org/pacman/pacman.8.html#_upgrade_options_apply_to_em_s_em_and_em_u_em_a_id_uo_a

Marcin 'sirmacik' Karpezo
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