[aur-general] TU Application - Ike Devolder

Thomas Bächler thomas at archlinux.org
Thu Mar 1 04:40:11 EST 2012

Am 01.03.2012 08:33, schrieb Ike Devolder:
> Hi,
> Currently I'm using Archlinux as my primary operating system for over 6
> years and for several years I'm maintaining a small number of packages in
> AUR[1]. I also keep a repository with arch packages for everyone to use[2]
> and view the pkgbuilds on github[3]. Originally the repository got created
> so i could easily install some non-{core,extra,community}-packages on my
> different computers.

Just some random formal remarks:

1) Nowadays, your application should be a PGP-signed email. You should
also somehow verify that you are who you say you are, for example, by
uploading your PGP key or fingerprint to your server or github.
2) What are your user names on bbs, bugs and IRC, if any?

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