[aur-general] TU Application - György Balló

Heiko Baums lists at baums-on-web.de
Thu Mar 1 17:35:16 EST 2012

Am Thu, 1 Mar 2012 16:27:45 -0500
schrieb Dave Reisner <d at falconindy.com>:

> Feel free to provide such PKGBUILDs and actually prove that this can
> be done rather than soapboxing about something that he isn't doing.
> It's just that simple.

I guess you are kidding, aren't you?

1. I'm not soapboxing.
2. I'm not interested in maintaining these packages. I just wanted to
quickly try them which is not possible, since they can't be installed
with yaourt. Try it and you will see.
3. Look at my PKGBUILDs in AUR, particularly linux-fbcondecor
(https://aur.archlinux.org/packages.php?ID=50924). With this package I
have changed the linux split package from ABS into a single package
which can easily be installed by yaourt. And, yes, this was extremely
easy to do. And then look at his packages I mentioned, and tell me
what's the problem with writing them as clean single packages. I guess,
I don't need to explain to you how to read and correctly write
4. AUR is meant for providing PKGBUILDs for other users, so that they
don't need to do the same work again (writing the PKGBUILDs). Since
e.g. indicator-messages can't be installed by other users - at least
not with yaourt, like I said, try it - I indeed had to rewrite this
PKGBUILD and all its dependency hell, which György has also written as
split packages, to be able to install this package. And that's not what
AUR is meant for.

If he wants to maintain packages then he should do it in a way that
they apply to the official policies. And split packages are officially
NOT supported by AUR, not even with this dirty workaround, which is
fact, well known and often discussed, so I don't have to prove this. So
his packages don't apply to the official policies.

And since when are two different depends arrays necessary or even make
sense in one PKGBUILD?

Not to mention that he told me that he hasn't time to maintain those
PKGBUILDs if they were written cleanly. He told me that he had to orphan
those packages otherwise. So how shall he have time for being a TU? And
if fixing a package means orphaning it for him what shall I expect from
him if he will be a TU? Will he really fix PKGBUILDs or just orphan
and/or move them to AUR if they contain a bug?

Keep in mind, TU means Trusted User, a user whom every other Arch Linux
user can and has to trust. This implies that one needs to be sure that
the TU is able to write qualitative good PKGBUILDs, because a Linux
distro is expected to provide stable, and well packaged packages.

What will he do on AUR or [community] if he has a lot more rights?

I know, just some questions. Probably I do him wrong with some of these
questions. But the bad packaging quality is fact and doesn't need to be
proven. A closer look at the mentioned packages and a try to install
them with an AUR wrapper is evidence enough.


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