[aur-general] Merge requests

Schala Zeal schalaalexiazeal at gmail.com
Fri Mar 9 15:43:28 EST 2012

Thanks. Additionally, I made a few more screwups yesterday. I
submitted i386-beos-binutils and i386-haiku-binutils-git assuming FPC
would build cross compilers for those successfully, but apparently
not. BeOS is outdated, but I orphaned it in case of the slight chance
someone fancies maintaining binutils targeted for older systems. The
Haiku one, while FPC did fail, it indicated missing libraries, so I'm
considering cross-building the Haiku system as well to get the
libraries and then bundling that with its binutils/gcc to get
something functional. I'm probably going to maintain 2 packages of
that: one for gcc4, and one for binary compatability (gcc2) in case
any Arch based Haiku developers care to choose.

2012/3/9 Bartłomiej Piotrowski <b at bpiotrowski.pl>:
> All done. Thank you (for keeping AUR clean too, don't sorry ;)
> --
> Bartłomiej Piotrowski
> Arch Linux Trusted User
> http://archlinux.org/

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