[aur-general] AUR VCS and alias cleanups

Lukas Fleischer archlinux at cryptocrack.de
Sat Mar 10 07:36:43 EST 2012

Hi, everyone!

I thought of doing another VCS/alias package cleanup... Given that
there's a pretty huge amount of packages, we should probably look for a
better way to coordinate this:

    $ aurdupes -V | wc -l
    $ aurdupes -A | wc -l

Maybe we could create another "AUR cleanup" wiki page? I noticed there's
a "AUR Cleanup Day/2012" page already but this is kinda different.

The main idea is:

1. Create two sections "VCS dupes" and "Alias packages".
2. Add the outputs of `aurdupes -V` and `aurdupes -A`.
3. Double-check dupes and mark them as "remove"/"false "positive".
4. TUs delete packages marked as "remove" and remove them from the list.

Steps 2 to 4 can be repeated as often as needs be. Maybe we could even
add packages marked as "false positive" to a whitelist, so that aurdupes
won't list these anymore (I can implement this feature in aurdupes).

Any thoughts? Any other suggestions?


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