[aur-general] Merge / deletion requests: weasyprint and python3-decorator

Simon Sapin simon.sapin at kozea.fr
Sun Mar 18 07:53:46 EDT 2012

Le 18/03/2012 12:42, Ike Devolder a écrit :
> i would have weasyprint depend on python-weasyprint
> and have python2-weasyprint provide python-weasyprint

Right. I didn’t think about the "provide" mechanism. I’ll update the 
packages and see how this works.

I can’t help but want the two packages to install the same file (both 
name and content) and have the file stay as long as at least one of the 
packages is installed. That would require pacman to have some kind of 
reference counting, but that’s probably too much :)

I thank that emerge (for Gentoo) special cases python executables. Users 
can choose in their config which python versions they want to install, 
and which is their "favorite". emerge creates executables with version 
suffixes like -2.7, and a symlink without suffix for the "favorite" 
version. The symlink is managed by emerge itself, not each package.

If this kind of conflict in /usr/bin becomes recurrent, should such a 
mechanism be considered for pacman?

Simon Sapin

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