[aur-general] Removal request: google-chrome-mini

Det nimetonmaili at gmail.com
Mon Mar 26 16:47:26 EDT 2012

On 26.3.2012 21:47, Tai-Lin Chu wrote:
> @Alexander Rødseth
> that's "how it should work", but unfortunately none of these work well
> in reality. my reason of cloning is that "the time when these packages
> will update or fit your need is known". god knows when these packages
> will update; it could be weeks or months(or never). i either have to
> keep my own version of pkgbuild or change the pkgbuild every time i
> install. that's not efficient.

google-chrome* packages are updated in an extraordinarily fast manner. 
Often within the first hour of the new release. If a package isn't being 
updated at all you should at first contact the maintainer. If you get no 
response, you should make an orphan request and start maintaining it 

> 2. i want to have "no-gconf" explicitly. many users are not aware that
> they have to install no-gconf first, then install chrome.

Uh. They don't. See, I can be wrong too.

> 3. as i said, aur is meant to a mess if you want it to be actually
> useful. if your logic applies, then we should remove all "mplayer-*",
> "vlc-*" ..., because we already have mplayer, vlc in [extra]. these
> "families" of packages are just adding or removing some flags and
> dependencies(some are even incorrect). having "mutations" gives
> convenience for users. users dont care about mess really; they care
> about time as they dont want to manually edit pkgbuild.

Nooo, if _my_ logic applies (and it does, by the way), then we should 
just remove packages that don't have any meaningful changes in them. 
vlc-* and mplayer-* packages are _source_ packages. When they change the 
dependencies they actually change the features of the package coming 
out. It's a different story when this can be done any time you like 
anyway (eg. by installing no-gconf).

And no, AUR isn't meant to be messy. Not a way in _hell_ would that make 
it more useful anyway. Finding what you like is gonna be _extremely_ 
hard if there's a zillion packages providing the same thing - all with 
their own silly little modifications. And how an earth would that help 
with keeping packages up-to-date? Is your solution for the maintenance 
system that we need to have 10 clones of every single package so that 
there's always gonna be an up-to-date one to choose from? Because 
filling up the AUR with "updated" packages just creates more problems 
than it resolves.

If there's a redundant package in the AUR, then say it so it can be 
removed. Don't just join the fight against the system we already know 
isn't perfect.


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