[aur-general] Linux Manga Downloader

Jesse Juhani Jaara jesse.jaara at gmail.com
Mon May 7 13:15:50 EDT 2012

ma, 2012-05-07 kello 17:57 +0200, Jorge Barroso kirjoitti:
> what comes in the package are shell
> scripts, the launcher and nothing else usefull...

Looking at the .deb file all you need to do us copy the ././usr/share
direcotry to "${pkgdir}/usr/share" and the ././usr/local/bin to
"${pkgdir}/usr/bin" and then run sed 's|/usr/local|/usr|' on all of the
text files, to make sure we run stuff from the correct place. Looking at
the debian control file you need libnotify-bin, gtkdialog, wget, lynx
and zenity as depencys. Hope this hels you a bit. It is always usefull
to know how to write simple PKGBUILD, that is why I wrote this instead
of a PKGBUILD. Try now and see if you can do it. You can post the
PKGBUILD here before uploading to see if anyone has any ideas on how to
make it better, or fix any erros you might make ^_^

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