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Jesse Juhani Jaara jesse.jaara at gmail.com
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ti, 2012-05-08 kello 21:03 +0200, Jorge Barroso kirjoitti:

> source=
> http://code.google.com/${pkgname}/downloads/detail?name=${pkgname}_${pkgver}_all.deb
> )
there is the starting ( missing in there ^_^

> tar -xfzv data.tar.gz
Nothing seroius but 'xf' is enought
- is not needed, nor is z, tar is intelligent now days and can detect
the compression on it's own.

> echo "Now, been in your HOME directory, run: lmd -reconf and then run the
> program ;) enjoy it."
> echo "In some Websites, when downloading, the program says there was an
> error with the last page of the chapter, don't worry, coding mistake, that
> page was downloaded successfully"
Well these should go to the install file. Create a file called
ldm.install and set install=ldm.install in the PKGBUILD. Take a lookt at
file /usr/share/pacman/proto.install, you should only needd the
post_install function and put those echos in there :D
PKGBUILD is used to build a pkgname-version-pkgrel.pkg.tar.xz package
that you install with pacman. Pacman then reads the .install file from
that package and does what it tells it to do and copies the files to the
system. Most people are lilely to just install this from the AUR, so
they would see that message. But in case say someone sends the redy
built pacman package to a frind the friend would not saee that message,
but if it is in install file he will.

You are also missing the md5sums variable from the package. Run
makepkg -g in the directoey where the PKGBUILD is and copy the output
into the PKGBUILD.
(I myself have an alias setup fot that. "makesum='makepkg -g >>
PKGBUILD'" this gives me a command makesum that automatically appends
the md5sums to the end of the PKGBUILD)

Sed can do a lot of things. Basicly it reads text, does something to it
and slips the mangled text out. 's|original|new|' for example would
replaces every single word original with the word new.

I think you should read these:

And here is a werty comprehensive guide to sed.
I myself can only use the replace command 's' XD
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