[aur-general] iceweasel md5sum problem

Jesse Juhani Jaara jesse.jaara at gmail.com
Thu May 10 13:30:09 EDT 2012

to, 2012-05-10 kello 19:09 +0200, Jorge Barroso kirjoitti:

none of those are arrays, so remove (). They might confuse makepkg,
those ' marks are undeed tooas none of them include spaces. pkgdesc
being an exeption, " or ' is needed there.

Not sure, but having md5sums before source could be a culprit, anyway I
would put them after the sources.

optdepends usually has format
optdepends=('pkgname: small description of thefunctionallity it adds')

tar xf $pkgname-$pkgver-$pkgrel-$arch.pkg.tar.xz
is not needed, pacman can extract pretty much all kind of achives on its
own .tar.{gz,bz2,xz} deb rpm zip, files atleast. The tar xf command was
needed in the manga app PKGBUILD becouse it shipped only in deb format
and deb archives have 2 archives in it, one with the data and one with
meta-data files and pacman only extracts files in source=() [The main
deb file]

One usually should not upload a binary packages into AUR, but instead it
should be built from source code. Of course in case of s HUGE
application that takes a lot of time to compile it is nice to have a
binary version too. Or in case like I had a ?year? ago. Back then we
didn't ship sdk package for the go-openoffice and it ment that one would
have to rebuuild it from source just to be able to compile a 100kb addon
for it to support Finnish spellcheckking (voikko) so I also made -bin
version from Ubuntu binary packages.

I'm quite sure one should go totally with the parabola Linux instead of
Arch if libre is thing they want. We have a lots of stuff that go
against libre in the core repos, and just gettinga libre browser is
totally ridicilous. You also are missing the i686 version. 

If you really think a libre webrowser on non libre system is a good idea
you should be simply stealing the PKGBUILD from here

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