[aur-general] AUR JDK-package cleanup

Jesse Juhani Jaara jesse.jaara at gmail.com
Fri May 18 14:27:52 EDT 2012

Following jde/jre packages should be removed:

[1]lib32-jdk-6u17: orhapn, Provides a static and old version of Oracles
JDK, a lib32 package for Oracle JDK6 exists.
[2]jdk-community-stable-x32: Non functional (ties to pull the Oracle JDK
from ftp.archlinux.org), "out-of-date", serves no real purpose (installs
under a x32 prefixed dir in /opt)
[3]jdk-community-stable-x64: -||-, has 'i686' in arch=()
[4]jdk-community-stable-all: -||-, meta package, which pulls the 2 above
[5]openjdk7-src-systemtap: Orphan, 0 votes, a package with bether name
and maintainer exist (openjdk7-systemtap)
[6]jdk7-openjdk-systemtap: -||-



And the following should be merged:

#bin32-jdk -> lib32-jdk. In my opinion lib32 is better name, even
#tought it does have 32 bit executables and not only libraries.
#Both have maintainer and have equalish ammount of votes.
#(lib32:40, bin32:33) bin32 does have a better PKGBUILD as lib32
#tries to pull the jdk from ftp.archlinux.org, while bin32 gets
#the Sun's/Oracle's binary. In any way these should be merged in some
#direction be it what ever.



Still lots of packages which could have better names...
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