[aur-general] AUR KDE clean up – part 1

Jesse Juhani Jaara jesse.jaara at gmail.com
Sat May 19 15:15:04 EDT 2012

Please remove the following KDE releted packages:
With the 'low vote count' I want to say that I see it to be quite
unlikely for it to be adopted and fixed. If it is neede someone can
reupload a working/modern PKGBUILD

[1]aku: orphan, low vote count, the offical ark utitlity can handle rar
files too
[2]amarok-devel: No beta version at the moment, amarok-git exist and can
pull the "beta" version too.
[3]apollon: orphan, lov vote count, needs qt<=3.2 (3.3.8b in repos)
[4]avant-window-navigator-kde: orpha, low vote count, patch included in
bzr for over a year alredy.
[5]backintime-kde4-bzr: Another package (backintime-bzr) exist with
better name and maintainer.
[6]bookreader: website is empty, source not working, orphan, low vote
[7]battery_time_remaining: old fork of the offical applet, which
privides the same functionlaity.
[8]bible-runner: orhan, low vote count, dead for over 2½ years. PKGBUILD
does no't build in it's current state (Might be just depends clean up,
but due to the low vote count I dont see this happening)
[9]boombox: orpahn, marked out-of-date since aprill 2011, several
comments since then, but no adoption has happened. Altaought, I didn't
find the version 0.4 from sf.net
[10]aqpm-git: dead, uesdeprecated ALPM API according to comments.
[11]chase-git: depeneds on [10]
[12]shaman-svn: depends on [10]
[13]colorschemes-kde4: packs the 20 most popular colorschemes from 2009,
orphan, can be fecthed from the KDE settings interface.
[14]flickrkio: Source not avaiale anymore, orphan, only one vote
[15]gartoon: orphan, low vote count, source not awaiable anymore
[16]gtk-kde42-oxygen-theme: oxygen-gtk{2,3} in extra repository provides
te same functionality, I'm quite sure nobody uses kde 4.2 anymore :D
[17]kbibtex-kde4-beta: Old beta version of the KDE4 port
[18]kcheckgmail-git: Some old mailchecker applet, never applets exist.
Chromium claims the projects sf page is infected with viruses.
[19]kdeaddons-kfile-plugins: orphan, PKGBUILD depends on kdelibs instead
of kdelibs3, low vote count.
[20]de4powersave-svn: I think this has been renamed to something totally
else, anmyway it is not in kdesvn-playground anymore
[21]kdecolors-megapack: ~[13], but for KDE3
[22]kdecolors-ultraschemes: -||-
[23]kdecolorschemes: -||-
[24]kdeplasma-addons-applets-smooth-tasks-kde-sc-46-hg: kde4.6 app
[25]kdeplasma-addons-wallpapers-video: Doesn't build anymore
[26]kdeplasma-applets-battery-ng: Old clone of stock battery meter
[27]kdescreensaver-solarsystem-0.2: qrong name, nothing to merge



More to come :DDD, in general KDE stuff seems to be in quite good state,
atleast from a quick look, maintainers exist and not so much out-of-date
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