[aur-general] package deletion request: fhs

Ruslan Nabioullin rnabioullin at gmail.com
Tue May 22 20:48:38 EDT 2012

On 05/22/2012 06:28 PM, Alexander Rødseth wrote:
> Hi,
> Could it considered to be documentation for the "filesystem" package?
> If that should be the case, "fhs" could be renamed "filesystem-docs"
> by submitting a new package and requesting a delete+merge of the old
> one.

Interesting, I did not think of that. However, I do not believe that
treating standard X, that system Y is applicable to, as part of Y's
documentation package is elegant; instead, Y's documentation should
merely reference X (as hier(7) does in the "CONFORMING TO" section). The
reasoning is that system Z might also be applicable to X (inelegant,
since there would exist a redundant copy of X), and more importantly, X
is self-contained. That would mean that X should exist separately as a
package, instead of being a component of Y-docs and Z-docs. I do not
believe that this packaging infrastructure (pacman, official and
unofficial repos, AUR) is well suited for offline content not pertaining
to specific software, since the functionality is specifically targetted
towards software packages.

If my reasoning is sound, then a FHS package is outside the scope of
this infrastructure.


Ruslan Nabioullin
rnabioullin at gmail.com

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