[aur-general] psad package probably orphaned

xartii xartii at gmail.com
Sun Sep 30 13:01:17 EDT 2012


First of all sorry for all the mess I may do with this mail but it's my
first message to this group.

Some time ago I found that psad package in AUR is out of date (version
in AUR 2.1.7, current version 2.2).
On 19 Jun 2012 I posted a comment hoping maintainer will notice it,
however no reaction.
Then I flagged the package as out of date (13 Jul 2012), still no reaction.
After a long time of waiting  I mailed the maintainer (24 Sep 2012) if
he's planning to update the package because if not I could take the
maintanance over. Until now I recieved no answer.

Here's my question. Can some TU orphan the package so I can take care of
it? I mean update and maintain later.


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