[aur-general] Fwd: please add -depth 1 to makepkg git clone

Rashif Ray Rahman schiv at archlinux.org
Sat Apr 6 08:46:48 EDT 2013

On 6 April 2013 15:25, Tai-Lin Chu <tailinchu at gmail.com> wrote:
> yes, i agree with you. But as a person who commits patches and needs
> to test, I think using --depth 1 makes initial cloning faster and
> decreases the load of remote git server. Think about this 100 people
> clones vlc.git with shadow (around 600mb) vs without shadow (around
> 10000mb)... its not just about whether you care it or not; please
> preserve resources of other projects.

I personally like small checkouts. If I am testing software, I don't
really need much of its history, and I don't need to be able to commit
anything. If I'm developing software, I'll have a separate directory
with full checkouts anyway. VCS differences apply, though.

There is really no pragmatic difference between copying with cp and
exporting (Subversion) or cloning (Git) a VCS repo, except when you
don't know what you're doing. If you make changes, a cp may not copy
what you intend to copy, or vice-versa with export/clone.

IMO, keeping checkouts lean and mean for building experimental
packages is a good idea. VCS repos take a lot of space, and in the
event you want to maintain package repos with them, you'd like the
extra space saved.

However, we need equivalent methods for every VCS we care to support
('depth' doesn't mean the same thing in svn, for instance), and we
need to provide a mechanism to choose to keep depths (so that you may
choose to reuse repos for your own use with full history and what


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