[aur-general] quoting

Gesh gesh at gesh.uni.cx
Sat Apr 6 15:03:29 EDT 2013

On 06-Apr-13 1:26 PM, Cédric Girard wrote:
> On Sat, Apr 6, 2013 at 11:54 AM, Chris “Kwpolska” Warrick wrote:
>> Suggestion: use Page Down.
>> Better suggestion: get a mail client that hides quotations by default.
>>   Gmail does this, for example.
> If one is using Gmail, it is not harder to quote only the relevant
> part when replying (highlight and hit reply).
> What is disturbing is not having all those quotations, it is not being
> able to quickly understand what someone is replying to. Quotations are
> not here to decorate email. They are meant to add context to what one
> is saying.
> --
> Cédric Girard

While I agree with you that *some* quoting is good, seeing as it allows
you to contextualize your comments, I believe that excessively quoting,
and in particular quoting the entirety of the original email,
is a cause for annoyance and that one should therefore only quote the
snippets from the original email that are relevant to one's new email.

Just my two cents,


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