[aur-general] nanoc3 deletion request

Xyne xyne at archlinux.ca
Sat Apr 6 17:53:59 EDT 2013

Andrew Gregory wrote:

>On 04/06/13 at 09:19pm, Xyne wrote:
>> I disagree that "replaces" is not useful in the AUR. Many people create their
>> own repositories with AUR packages and then it is very useful. Some AUR helpers
>> may support "replaces" as well.
>I really hope there aren't any AUR helpers out there that support
>"replaces".  That would require downloading the PKGBUILD for every
>single package in the AUR...

There have been some attempts to provide a git repo of the entire AUR which
would contain that information.

It would not be difficult to write a heuristic search algorithm to scan for
potential replacements either (e.g. searching for "nanoc" returns two
hits) upon detecting that a package is no longer available.

Finally, with the advent of the extra metadata in uploaded archives it may well
be possible and even trivial to add support for resolving providers and
replacements via the various AUR interfaces in the future.

When given the choice between a rigorous approach and a lazy approach with no
significant cost difference between them, you should choose the rigorous
approach to avoid incurring additional costs in the future. It's simply good
practice and I do not understand why rigor is met with such resistance.


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