[aur-general] Depends question

Rafael Ferreira josephgbr at archlinux.info
Mon Apr 8 10:14:20 EDT 2013

Em 08/04/2013 11:10, Jesse Jaara escreveu:
> maanantai, 8. huhtikuuta 2013 10:06:42 Jonathan Arnold kirjoitti:
> I'm working on a pkgbuild for a package that can use either tomcat6 or
> tomcat7. Is it possible to make the depends list use an or?
> Providing neather is needed at build time, you could just put both in 
> the
> optdepends. If they are needed to build the package create 2 PKGBUILDs, 
> one
> for each version.

Good idea. Just complementing: with both PKGBUILDs having same 

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