[aur-general] pacman4.1 PKGBUILD-git help needed

Rafael Ferreira josephgbr at archlinux.info
Mon Apr 8 15:31:39 EDT 2013

Em 08/04/2013 16:10, Rob Til Freedmen escreveu:
> I've received a comment this morning from
> https://aur.archlinux.org/packages/argotlunar-git/
> gtmanfred wrote:
> 'https://wiki.archlinux.org/index.php/VCS_PKGBUILD_Guidelines
> pacman 4.1 supporst git
> also, patches should be in the prepare() function'
> I didn't found an updated PKGBUILD-git.proto nor an example of 
> prepare()
> for patches.
> All I had was an example from the VCS_PKGBUILD_Guidelines to convert
> PKGBUILD to pacman4.1 standards
> Alas, makepkg throws an error;
> ==> Retrieving sources...
> ==> ERROR: /src/argotlunar-git/argotlunar is not a clone of git://
> github.com/mourednik/argotlunar
> Aborting...
> http://sprunge.us/LNCi
> What do I missing?
> Any advice are welcome!

Examples: pacman-git

I was able to build it and I didn't see anything wrong in your PKGBUILD, 
but maybe I missed something. I suggest removing 'src' folder (and the 
folder of 'SRCDEST' in case you set it in /etc/makepkg.conf), then try 

Rafael Ferreira

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