[aur-general] Upstream seeking contact with package maintainer

Thomas Schmitt scdbackup at gmx.net
Fri Aug 2 05:34:30 EDT 2013


i am the developer of xorriso, and first want to thank you
for including it and its frontend script xorriso-tcltk

Is there a mail address by which i could reach the maintainer
of those two packages: dreieck ?

Please Cc: me with replies.
Depending on the traffic here, i may have to unsubsribe soon.


I ask, because the /usr/bin files of both packages overlap with

libisoburn installs among others the script xorriso-tcltk
but is currently lacking the script's Tcl/Tk dependencies.
I would not advise to add those dependencies, anyway.

So despite the currently existing overlap, i believe both AUR
packages are worth to exist.
- xorriso for users who would not expect to find it in a thing
  called "libisoburn".
- xorriso-tcltk for users who want to pull in its Tcl/Tk

Would the following AUR packages be technically possible ?

- xorriso doing not more than depending on libisoburn

- xorriso-tcltk doing not more than depending on libisoburn,
  Bwidget, tcl, tk>=8.4

After such a change, they would need no maintainance when
i release new revisions.

Similar could be done with

- cdrskin which is installed by package libburn
  (cdrskin is a cdrecord compatible wrap around libburn.)


Both packages stem from my software releases and probably i
am to blame for the confusion by putting reference applications
into the library tarballs.

For archlinux users, both xorriso binaries should be fully
equivalent. Only Jigdo production for Debian and Ubuntu
installation ISOs would require the AUR package.

The AUR package contains GNU xorriso, a static compilation
of libburn, libisofs, libjte, and libisoburn. One may use
its binary xorriso without installation and it will not collide
with the installed dynamic libraries. Intended for self-admins
and for testing newer versions before installing system-wide

The packages libisoburn and
contain with the same revision number the same source code
as GNU xorriso's library copies.
Most object code of xorriso is in the dynamic library libisoburn
from where xorriso offers an own API.
The xorriso binary is therefore very small.

I decided against checking for Tcl/Tk during configuration
of libisoburn from the release tarball, because Tcl/Tk is not
needed for its main purpose.

Several distros split libburn and libisoburn into packages
"libburn", "cdrskin", "libisoburn", "xorriso".
AUR is among the first to package "xorriso-tcltk". Thanks again.

Have a nice day :)


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