[aur-general] TUs and their following of the Bylaws

Rashif Ray Rahman schiv at archlinux.org
Fri Aug 2 15:52:47 EDT 2013

On 3 August 2013 02:40, Angel Velásquez <angvp at archlinux.org> wrote:
> Hi people,
> First of all, i'm writting this mail as an ex TU and user, not as a dev
> who want to push you how to proceed or follow the bylaws.
> Having that set, I am shocked about how the bylaws are being just used
> just for addition process, but for somehow are being ignored for stuff
> like quorum and removal procedures, some TUs look to otherside when we
> mention this subject.
> So, what's the point of having a Bylaw if you will not follow it?, why
> don't modify it and remove that part that you don't want to be aware?,
> being a TU is not about just delivering packages and orphaning /
> splitting packages on the AUR, TUs must work as a group, and it used to
> be like that when I was part of the team (I still feel part of the team
> but seems that oficially I am not a TU, a corner case that is not well
> documented on the Bylaws btw).
> So, according to that, I don't want to say names (i did said those names
> on the irc channel when I found the quorum situation on the last SVP but
> as I've said nobody react .. bad bad bad, guys.. dissapointing I must
> say), but I still feel that TUs must do that, not a guy which is not
> completely a TU -yes, me-.
> Please check the last SVP and check who didn't voted, and some TU call
> the rest of the group for either following the Bylaws, or call for a
> modification of these Bylaws and allow these cases.
> In my opinion, (now as a dev) we don't want to control what you do,
> because we as a user and devs trust a group of people that have their
> own defined rules, but if the TUs won't start following these rules, is
> simply stupid to have these rules there.
> Please don't kill the messenger, this is nothing personal against anyone
> or the group, I really appreciate most of the people who contribute to
> the Arch Linux project and I am grateful as an user for that.
> Let this discussion begin.

There is simply no-one taking initiatives any more. I think the bylaws
are fine, but if anyone objects to any particular clause we are able
to motion for amendment. We are also able to motion for the removal of
a TU.

Ionut once digged out repeated "offenders", sent some warnings, but
that's about the last of such things that I remember. We also had
removals that ended successfully. So, someone just needs to point out
those who have been MIA.


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