[aur-general] A simple introduction

Tanner Danzey arkaniad at gmail.com
Wed Aug 21 20:49:13 EDT 2013

Since I've never really learned mailing list etiquette, I'm not sure this is the right place. Nevertheless...

My name is Tanner, currently residing in strange-weathered Fargo, ND. I work as a support technician / system engineer at a local managed service provider. We use Linux for anything that we aren't paid specifically to use Windows for. I have a breadth of skill in both general IT / system tasks as well as programming (C/C++, Ruby, Python, Web Design, PHP, Haskel). I have developed a deep fondness for the Arch community as a result of lurking over the last few months. I've taken it upon myself to maintain some niche orphaned packages on the AUR (bff, 3dpong, emu65el02) and I'd like to dedicate more time helping you guys out. I'm on IRC frequently as Arkaniad, usually lurking or having it running in the background during some various task.

Long story short, I like you guys and I'm gonna stick around for a while. Hello :)
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