[aur-general] Unused account on BBS and AUR web interface

Xyne xyne at archlinux.ca
Sun Aug 25 18:01:04 EDT 2013

William Gathoye wrote:

>> and I see no reason to release it. (But I guess someone else will 
>> do that for you…)
>I'll wait for George's answer before asking another TU. Btw, ioni has
>already answered (in May 2013) to me via IRC, that he'll send an email
>to the owner (maybe George?), and if he won't receive an answer within
>the 15 days, he could maybe release the account for me, but I got no
>news from him since.


The current account holder has no packages, has never voted, and the email
address leads to an aggregator of internet advertisers. Even if this had not
been raised months ago (and I presume Ioni sent an email and forgot about when
there was no reply), I would have been inclined to release it. I have not sent
an email message to the account holder as I have no desire to receive even more

I have made the name lower case and changed the email address to the one you
have used on this list. Reset the password via the interface and then confirm
here that you have access.


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