[aur-general] Proofreading request

ponder at creshal.de ponder at creshal.de
Tue Aug 27 07:58:44 EDT 2013

On 08/27/2013 01:43 PM, ponder at creshal.de wrote:
> On 08/27/2013 01:28 PM, ponder at creshal.de wrote:
>> On 08/26/2013 11:17 PM, Clément Junca wrote:
>>> Hello,
>>> Could someone have a look at the attached package, please ? It's my first
>>> AUR package written from scratch.
>>> I've packaged the script Feather written in Python2 by Dan Rue to handle
>>> backups with tarsnap (https://github.com/danrue/feather).
>>> It contains some difficulties for a beginner: sources from github, a patch
>>> to correct Python executable name and a custom licence. I would be glad to
>>> have a seasoned packager looking at it.
>>> Running namcap gives two warnings:
>>>   feather-git W: Dependency included and not needed ('tarsnap')
>>>   feather-git W: Dependency included and not needed ('python2-yaml')
>>> since namcap probably can't notice their usage as a system call and as a
>>> Python library.
>>> Best regards,
>> I would also add LICENSE to the source array, that way makepkg will
>> symlink it into $srcdir for you (and you don't have to do fragile stuff
>> like ../../LICENSE). Generally I'd also cd into $srcdir/$_gitname in
>> pgkver() and build().
>> I'm feeling a bit uneasy about putting the config file straight to /etc,
>> since it's clearly meant as an example. I'd maybe put it into
>> /usr/share/$pkgname and state in the .install that the user may copy and
>> modify it from there to where ever s/he likes it.
>> Or as an alternative, one could not ship a config file at all and just
>> put the README (which contains an example config) to
>> /usr/share/doc/$pkgname and point the user to it during .install.
>> I'll attach .diffs containing my suggestions.
>> Then again, I'm a packaging newb myself, so I'd also like to hear from
>> someone with experience.
> ... I'm pretty sure I really attached them. Here they go again.

Sorry for the spamming, this is really embarrassing. The attachments
show up in my sent mail, but not on the list.
I'll put them up at
until I figure this out.

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