[aur-general] Vagrant package on the AUR - A plugin issue.

Alfredo Palhares masterkorp at masterkorp.net
Thu Dec 5 14:31:46 EST 2013

Hello Ido and fellow Fellow archers,

First of all congrats for your work on the Linux kernel.

But this email is about Vagrant on the AUR, more specifically the plugins, and this happened to me
I was using test kicthen on the redmime cookbook. So I installed the all the necessary gems
trough the packages on the AUR (basically the gems install) but for the vagrant plugins
I just did  vagrant plugin install vagrant-berkshelf, but later on I ran into problems.

On the test-kichen log:
[2013-12-04T17:15:37.450311 #28842] ERROR -- Kitchen: ------Exception-------                                                                            
[2013-12-04T17:15:37.450378 #28842] ERROR -- Kitchen: Class: Kitchen::ClientError                                                                       
[2013-12-04T17:15:37.450400 #28842] ERROR -- Kitchen: Message: Could not load the 'vagrant' driver from the load path. Please ensure that your driver is     installed as a gem or included in your Gemfile if using Bundler.                                                                                          
[2013-12-04T17:15:37.450418 #28842] ERROR -- Kitchen: ---Nested Exception---                                                                            
[2013-12-04T17:15:37.450435 #28842] ERROR -- Kitchen: Class: LoadError                                                                                  
[2013-12-04T17:15:37.450452 #28842] ERROR -- Kitchen: Message: cannot load such file -- kitchen/driver/vagrant      
[2013-12-04T17:15:37.450469 #28842] ERROR -- Kitchen: ------Backtrace------- 

Basically the vagrant-berkself gem was totaly ignored.

The solution (at least temporary) was to install the vagrant-berkshelf gems system wide
(ruby-vagrant-berkshelf on the AUR) and symling ~/vagrant.d/gems to /usr/lib/ruby/gems/2.0.0/gems/
and vagrant won't complain about the lack of plugins.

So what do you think it should be done? Should we fix this issue and get the plugins properly
recognizable, or intruduce this symlink on the PKGBUILD and leave and install file explaining
that plugins should be installed trough the repository/AUR?
In any way I think I should advise you guys of my solution.

Alfredo Palhares

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