[aur-general] Possible to switch the votes/comments for two packages?

member graysky graysky at archlinux.us
Sat Dec 7 07:14:47 EST 2013

This is complex.  I while ago, I adopted the 'mprime' package which
provides the pre-compiled bins.  The mistake I made was to rename this
mprime to 'mprime-bin' which did not take with it the comments/votes.
I then uploaded a 2nd package which provides mprime compiled from
source which I called 'mprime' thus replacing the legacy binary one
with the new from-source one.

Effect: The comments/votes for mprime-bin are really those of mprime.

Is there any easy way to switch the votes/comment from the mprime
package to the mprime-bin package?  Of course, some of the comments
will then be confusing.  Not sure how to proceed.  Thanks.

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