[aur-general] TU resignation

Dustin Falgout dustin at falgout.us
Sun Dec 22 18:32:19 EST 2013

On 12/21/2013 01:12 PM, Balló György wrote:
> Sad news. You did a great job on maintaining PackageKit's alpm backend
> in the recent years. Thanks for your work, and good luck!
> If nobody step up porting the alpm backend to PackageKit version 0.8
> (huge work!), I'll drop the following packages from the [community]
> repository in the next days:
> - apper
> - gnome-settings-daemon-updates
> - gnome-packagekit
> - packagekit
> - packagekit-qt2
> - python2-packagekit
> --
> György Balló
> Trusted User
Hi guys,

I am planning to complete the porting of the alpm backend to packagekit
0.8+ I reached out to Jonathan a few weeks ago and he was very helpful
in bring me up to speed on what's left to be done. Sadly, I have not had
the time to get it done yet. Things at work are going to slow down a lot
for me once the holiday season is over and getting the port finished is
definitely high up on my to do list. This thread caught my eye as I was
scanning through email so I  thought I should take a second to make my
plans known :)

Happy Holidays!

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