[aur-general] Package removal: eclipse-scala-ide-juno-nightly

Kristof Jozsa kristof.jozsa at gmail.com
Tue Feb 19 04:59:47 EST 2013


I'm the maintainer of the eclipse-scala-ide and
eclipse-scala-ide-juno-nightly packages and would like to ask for removing
the latter.

The package eclipse-scala-ide have been tracking the so-so stable version
of the upstream package (scala-ide.org). When Arch had the transition to
Eclipse Juno and Scala IDE had an up-to-date nightly and a way obsolete
stable version supporting only the previous Eclipse, I created
eclipse-scala-ide-juno-nightly to allow Arch user scala hackers to develop
with a usable tool. As of the current situation, Scala IDE is back to
stable milestone releases, and I'm planning to track them via the
eclipse-scala-ide package. Therefore, eclipse-scala-ide-juno-nightly is no
longer needed.


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